Planar Compass: Issue 2

Buccaneers of the Big Black!

The second issue in our interplanar odyssey welcomes you to the deep end of the Astral Sea!

Here there be strange sights, ever changing environmental dangers, and monsters the likes of which you’ve never seen. A supplement for Old-School Essentials and other classic RPG systems such as Swords and Wizardry, Labyrinth Lord, etc. building upon the foundation of Issue 1 (which is required for play).

  • Procedural Hex Generation for Astral Travel designed with the brilliant Goblin’s Henchman!

  • A Living Dungeon hellbent on your destruction!

  • Adventure Hooks, Magic Items, and even a Fishing Game!

Note: Requires Old-School Essentials.

72 pages, staple bound zine. Includes PDF.

Physical Copies

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Digital Copies

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Check out our ZineQuest3 Kickstarter for Issue 2 and see how we got here!